Jenae Inez is a Houston rapper with a warm and cutting edge sound. Her youthful voice with a fast cadence encourages a surprise upon first listen. She has been recording music since she was 13 and has performed all over the world and opened for Her debut single titled “Life Sucka” has a message beyond the title. The song is a sultry track with an atmospheric composition about ending a relationship. Listen closely to every lyrical flow because the meaning will surprise you. Jenae Inez writes from a passionate perspective and delivers in a direct manner.

jenae inez standing by a green plant wearing a salmon dress. Her hair is down curly and her make is soft and bold.
jenae inez sitting on the grass by a tree wearing yellow wu tang socks with a salmon dress on.
jenae inez in the auracle studio booth. She is wearing a black shirt and a pair of blue jeans.